Thursday, March 20, 2014

Jones News Letter
March 24th – 28th       
Family Literacy AR Pajama Party
 Monday, March 24th
5:00- 6:00
Wear your PJ’s, eat some cookies and milk, then curly up with your child to read some good books and take a few tests.
If you would like your child to go to the play here in Murray at the Play House in the Park, please send in your 5 dollars and permission slip.
Last MAP test on March 25 in Language Arts
Report card information and sign up sheet was sent home. Please fill out at least two times and return that way I can start fitting everyone in.  I do need to see all my parents!
Story for the week is
Unit 5.1
Grammar & Reading
Pronouns = (he, she, we, they, it, I) a pronoun takes the place of a noun.

Unit 9
Test on Tuesday
9.1 measuring with Yard and Meters
9.2 Linear Measures
9.3 Fractional Units of Length
9.4 Perimeter
9.5 Measuring Longer Distance 9.6 Exploration: Exploring Capacity, Area, and Measures
9.7 Area
9.8 Capacity
9.9 Weight
9.10 Progress Check and review
     Test will be the following week
Test on Friday
Matter – everything around you
Property – characteristic of matter
Mass – amount of matter in an object
Solid – all matter that has a shape of its own
Centimeter – unit used to measure length
Liquid – matter that does not have a shape of its own
Milliliter – unit used to measure the volume of a liquid
Gas – matter that always fills all the space inside a container
Mixture – something made up of two or more things
Reversible – able to be changed back to the way it was before
Irreversible – not able to be changed back to the way it was before
Test will be the following week


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