Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan. 7th – Jan. 11th      

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Break!!!
Please send your child with a coat. Not a jacket or a pull over. We will go out every day unless it is below 32 degrees or it is wet outside
Tutoring begins Tuesday, Jan. 14th
We will be reading the story
Rosa and Blanca 3.4
Grammar will be Adjectives: describing words such as sweet, small, hot, silly
Vocabulary words will be in their planners
 “How People Grow and Change” in science
Permanent teeth – adult teeth that take the place of baby teeth
Skeleton – bones in a body that give it shape
Muscles – body parts under the skin that produces movement
Heart – muscle that pumps blood
Lungs – body parts that help you breathe air
Heart rate – how fast or slowly a heart beats
Digest – break down food in the body
Saliva – fluid in mouth that helps breaks down food
Esophagus – tube that takes food from the mouth to the stomach
Stomach – body part where food is broken down
Patterns and Rules
7.1 – Patterns in Counting
7.2 – Extending Complements of 10
7.3 – Mental Arithmetic: A Basketball Game
7.4 – Patterns in Doubles and Halves
7.5 – Explorations: Exploring Weights, Equal sharing, and Patterns
7.6 – Data Ay: Standing Jumps and Arm Spans
7.7 – Middle Value (Median) of a Set of Data

7.8 – Frequency Distributions

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