Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan. 21st – Jan. 29th       

No School on the 21st is it the celebration of
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr 
I gave another pretest for spelling to see what your child has retained in the last 18 weeks of school. After evaluating their tests I will be giving your child new words where I see they need to review or go on.
Please send your child with a coat. Not a jacket or a pull over. We will go out every day unless it is below 32 degrees or it is wet outside
Please sign the slip I have attached to your child’s report card and return it in their Homework folder. You may keep their report card, I have a copy.
We will me doing the story
 A Birthday Basket for Tia 6.3
Vocabulary words will be in their planners
We will continue with Adjectives
 “How People Grow and Change” in science
Permanent teeth – adult teeth that take the place of baby teeth
Skeleton – bones in a body that give it shape
Muscles – body parts under the skin that produces movement
Heart – muscle that pumps blood
Lungs – body parts that help you breathe air
Heart rate – how fast or slowly a heart beats
Digest – break down food in the body
Saliva – fluid in mouth that helps breaks down food
Esophagus – tube that takes food from the mouth to the stomach
Stomach – body part where food is broken down
Patterns and Rules
7.1 – Patterns in Counting
7.2 – Extending Complements of 10
7.3 – Mental Arithmetic: A Basketball Game
7.4 – Patterns in Doubles and Halves
7.5 – Explorations: Exploring Weights, Equal sharing, and Patterns
7.6 – Data Ay: Standing Jumps and Arm Spans
7.7 – Middle Value (Median) of a Set of Data
7.8 – Frequency Distributions


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