Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Feb.10th – Feb.14th      

Yea, this is pretty much the same newsletter from last week, because we missed 2 days this past week; we decided to put a hold on the new week’s activities

We will continue to studying different people from history with the focus on “Black History” and begin our unit in
Story for the week
One Dark Night
Unit 5.2
Vocabulary will be in their homework folder along with new spelling words.
We will continue to work on adjectives going to those that compare er, -est.
Example: big, bigger, biggest

8.1 Equal Parts of ONE

8.2 Explorations: Exploring Fractions, Multiplication and Division and Volume

8.3 Collections of Things

8.4 Equivalent Fractions

8.5 Equivalent Fractions Using fraction cards

8.6 Comparing Fractions

8.7 Fraction Number Stories

8.8 Progress Check for Unit 8


           Social Studies

       WE All Work Together

Taxes – Money people pay their government

Factory – A place where people make goods

Transportation – Any way of moving people or things from place to place

Producer – A person who makes or grows something

Consumer – A person who buys and uses good and service

Income – The money people earn for the work they do


Valentine Party

Our party is next Friday, Feb 14th at 1:45. It is going to be a frozen custard party (vanilla and chocolate). Your child needs to bring their favorite ice cream topping. You can send the topping anytime next week. Students need to bring their Valentine Cards (completed) and box decorated by Friday the 14th.


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