Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Feb.17th – Feb.21st      

Social Studies

We will continue to studying different people from history with the focus on “Black History” and begin our unit in
Send in Math-A-Thon money and books on Monday, please. Thank you for this help. We have just found out one of our own students is at St. Jude’s with cancer. If you have a little extra cash that you could spare please send it in for a WONDERFUL organization!
Story for the week
A Weed is not A Flower
Unit 3.5
Vocabulary will be in their homework folder along with new spelling words.
We will be looking and working on ADVERBS!

8.1 Equal Parts of ONE

8.2 Explorations: Exploring Fractions, Multiplication and Division and Volume

8.3 Collections of Things

8.4 Equivalent Fractions

8.5 Equivalent Fractions Using fraction cards

8.6 Comparing Fractions

8.7 Fraction Number Stories

8.8 Progress Check for Unit 8


            Social Studies

       WE All Work Together

Taxes – Money people pay their government

Factory – A place where people make goods

Transportation – Any way of moving people or things from place to place

Producer – A person who makes or grows something

Consumer – A person who buys and uses good and service

Income – The money people earn for the work they do


Valentine Party

I want to say thank you so much Mr. Triplett for donating the frozen custard for our Valentine Day Ice Cream Social. Some of the parents sent in their child’s favorite topping and shared with those who forgot their topping. So thank you to those who did!


I have been in need of tissue for the classroom and I had four parents send in tissues. Thank you so much, hopefully that will help us to the end of the school year. I also want to give big thank you to the parents who have sent in pencils, erasers, stickers and other needed items for the school year.

I need and am hoping that some parents will offer to help with Spring Swing and send in items for our basket. The theme for our basket this year is “Everything Garden” Please help out if you can! Remember all the money goes back into our school.

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