Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 3rd – 7th       
We had only 2 students’ help earn money for ST. JUDES. The both of them together earned over $200!  Way to go Derryauna and Tristan!!
From now on please sign your child’s test and return them so I know you have seen them. About 5 students returned them with notes attached from parents saying they worked with their child on the correct answers. Those students got 10 extra points towards their grade. WAY      TO GO PARENTS!!!
Family Literacy AR Pajama Night is March 4. Please come if you can. 5:00 to 6:00 in the Library.
Tiger Tales will only have 2 entries for next year. No other entries have been sent in.
We had 3 students do the SIX FLAGS  read !
Spring Swing basket for our class is “Gardening”  As of today we have NOTHING for the basket! Wondering if anyone would like to help me color children’s hair that night? Just thought I’d ask.
March 7 at 10:15 is our Earth Day program.
WE are out of PENCILS, can you please send more.
Winners for each day Drawing for Dr. Seuss was Jasmine-book, Zachery-move money, Bryan – ?, Allie-?
                    Story for the week is “Exploring Space With an Astronaut: Unit 1.2**
Spelling words will have to do with Contractions!
Unit 9
9.1 measuring with Yard and Meters
9.2 Linear Measures
9.3 Fractional Units of Length
9.4 Perimeter
9.5 Measuring Longer Distance 9.6 Exploration: Exploring Capacity, Area, and Measures
9.7 Area
9.8 Capacity
9.9 Weight
9.10 Progress Check and review
Matter – everything around you
Property – characteristic of matter
Mass – amount of matter in an object
Solid – all matter that has a shape of its own
Centimeter – unit used to measure length
Liquid – matter that does not have a shape of its own
Milliliter – unit used to measure the volume of a liquid
Gas – matter that always fills all the space inside a container
Mixture – something made up of two or more things
Reversible – able to be changed back to the way it was before

Irreversible – not able to be changed back to the way it was before

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